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This blog is an effort to continue the work I began when writing my ebook, "If I Had a Country." I offer my book download completely free of charge, with no strings attached except that you take an honest look at our nation and determine for yourself if it is savable or if my book rings true. You may wonder why I am giving the book away for free; , I spent many hours doing research while writing the book and no one does anything for free these days, do they? Well, I love this country more than money and if my book can save the Republic, all effort on my part is well worth it. Click here to Get your free copy NOW!

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

 My book "If I Had a Country” finishes with a question and answer section. After reading the book feel free to ask any question and I will do my best to answer it. Your question might appear (with your permission) in the next edition.

This book, if followed, will save America for the next generation who will be burdened with the waste and oppressive government caused by my generation, because my generation failed to stop the Progressives in their quest to make America a Socialist country, May God help America.

Ask any question that is not in the book already and I will post your question and my answer below.


Q=  I just returned from watching the movie, America by Dinesh D'Souza. What a great movie that I think all Americans should see. It parallels your ebook. Did you have something to do with the movie?

A= No I did not. I started this ebook in 2008 and finished it in 2010. Wish I was involved in such a great movie. What I have written about Progressives in this ebook has been known for a long time but hidden by the main stream media because they agree with Progressive policies. Because this has been done for such a long time great damage has been done to America, without her people not even realize it. Here is what Mr. D'Souza's book jacket says about Progressives:

Progressives are the architects of American decline, and progressivism is the ideology of American suicide. Here's a way to think about what Obama, Hillary, and the progressives are doing. Imagine if they were in charge of a basketball team with a fifty-year track record of success. We hired them as coaches to keep the team winning. Yet they designed plays to ensure the team would lose. They didn't do so because they hated the team, but because they thought it was wrong for the team to win so much. The long previous record of victories, they argued, was based on exploitation, and it would be better for everyone if our team wasn't so dominant. If we had such a coaching staff, there is little doubt that we would get rid of them. We would ask ourselves why we hired them in the first place. (Book jacket).

Q= The way you suggest the government of the Republic of New America be formed would not work. How would this government start?

A= If you mean there would be no federal or state governments in the beginning you are right. A country like I suggest would have to start from the ground up. First a local, then state and finally federal government would have to be formed by the people. I admit it would be difficult but no more difficult than what our founding fathers went through. We would already have a constitution (the U.S. constitution). Why not use it as a starting block. They (the U.S.) don't use it anymore anyway. We already know what mistakes not to make by studying the Progressives. All it would take is freedom loving, hard working, honest, moral people with a love of Liberty in their hearts.

Q= In your book you indicate how great you think our founding fathers were, when in fact I am taught in school, by my teacher, who says: They (Europeans) came here for gold and treasures. To plunder the land and enslave the Indians. Is this true?

A= No, what your teacher says is not true. It is sad that this teacher does not know American History. However I never said they were perfect. To my knowledge there was only one perfect man who ever walked this earth and they crucified him. The truth is that most Europeans and others came to America (the new world) for religious and personal freedoms that was not allowed them in Europe and elsewhere. Almost all of the world at that time was controlled by oppressive governments. These people risked so much to come to America. Can you imagine how dangerous the trip must have been on those old rickety ships? Freedom must have meant more to them than life itself.

It wasn't long after they settled in this new land that the Governments they fled from followed them (especially the British) took over and started suppressing their freedoms again. This is why 1/3 of the colonist took up arms against the English Crown. Yes, only 1/3 of the people had the balls to stand up to the most powerful nation in the world. This 1/3 of freedom loving patriots gave us our constitution, our liberty, our freedoms (which we are loosing at an alarming rate) our rights of free speech and the right to protect our self and love ones. It is hard to believe that just 1/3 of the population did this (with God’s help). However, in doing this they (most of them) lost their property, wealth, health and sometime their lives. Get a old history book (one written before liberals rewrote American history) and read this for yourself. By the way, today this 1/3 would be called Conservatives, Libertarians, grass roots or Tea Party folks.

You might wonder. What was the other 2/3 of the colonist doing? Well the first 1/3 of this group was on the side of England. They were loyal to the King. They believed in big government. they believe government always knows best. They were the folks getting special privileges. They were the ones that looked down their nose at others. They had no qualm dropping on bended knee and kissing the hand of the King or whatever he wanted them to kiss. This 1/3 today would be called Progressives (liberals, leftist, and socialist).

How about the last 1/3? These colonist were neutral. They did not want to get involved. They were happy just sitting back and joining the side that won. It was this group that George Washington feared the most because he did not know who in this group he could trust. This group, because they stood for nothing, owes the most to our founding fathers. They got liberty and freedom without lifting a finger. This 1/3 would be called zombies today. I know this sounds crazy but they are the ones who don’t care about anything other than them-self.

Q= You never indicate who asked the questions in your Q&A section. I would like to know who these people are?

A=Most of those who have sent in questions have requested that I not identify them. I believe they fear the scrutiny they will get from the left and the main stream media (one and the same). These people have helped me by reviewing my ebook and asking questions. Why would I want to put them in danger? Plus I don't know how legal it is to name them. They might sue me.

Q= You say in your book that 90% of Democrats are progressives and 60% of Republicans are progressives. How can you say this? I believe your percentages are much too high.

A= My percentages are right on target. Where are the conservatives in the Democrat party? In the late sixties the progressive Democrats started pushing the conservatives out of their party. Sure they used the few blue dogs left to pass Obama Care (AHCA) then they turned on them when they ran for reelection by not funding them and running liberals against them. A conservative in the Democrat party is as rare as hen's teeth. The Republican progressives started pushing conservatives out of their party after the Reagan years Republican progressives swore (in secret) “ Never another Reagan”. Just look at the voting records of the Republicans and you will see that they vote only 40% conservative and 60% progressive. However I do see some positive conservative shift in the Republican party thanks to the Tea Party. This is why the Tea Party is not liked by many Republican progressives, just as they did not like Reagan. In summarizing, I believe there is some hope for America with the Republican party but none with the Democrats. Unless you like living in a third world country.

Q= I did not even finished your book. I stopped reading when you said the U.S. is not a Democracy. How can you say this?

A= If you would have finished reading the book you may have learned why I say the U.S. is suppose to be a Representative Republic, with Democratization forced upon it by the Progressives of both parties. This was done illegally and is against the U.S. Constitution. The word Democracy is not mentioned in that Constitution. Not even once! Our founding fathers knew what they were doing but the Progressives undid much of the Constitution with out a wimpier from the opposition. What a shame!   

About the 2nd Amendment

Q= Why do you insist on the citizens owning guns? Isn't it unsafe to have so many guns around? Why can’t people just call the police or flee?

A= I believe gun ownership among sane responsible citizens is an absolute right. Guns in the hands of the good slows down or stops the evil. The simple answer is that there are evil people who could mane or kill you in seconds, whereas it would take the police many minutes to come to your aid. As far as fleeing is concerned, can you out run a bullet?

U.S. citizens depend on a firearm 2.5 million times a year to save their lives or the lives of others. You will not hear these true stories told by the main stream media because they have a agenda and this agenda is the disarming of all law biding Americans. They are just too marrow minded to understand that unarmed citizens are totally at the mercy of criminals and bad governments (domestic or foreign) (city, state or federal). This Progressive, so called, main stream media either don’t care or intentionally want Americans to loose their 2nd amendment rights. This bunch of elitist aren't even smart enough to realize that if the 2nd amendment is lost the 1st amendment (freedom of speech) will also be lost, because the man pointing a gun at you telling you to shut-up, wins.

Because of the dishonesty of the main stream media we have to turn to the many home town newspapers and broadcast stations to get the truth out about citizens protecting themselves against the thieves, muggers, rapist, and killers among us. I will be publishing articles from these papers here and will add to them as I find more true stories about citizens protecting them-self, their families, and fellow citizens with firearms, from evil.

Let the articles began:

Jessica Grayson was driving behind a pickup truck when the truck suddenly stopped in front of her, blocking her lane. A man exited the truck and approached Grayson’s vehicle. He began beating on the window and grabbing the door handle in an attempt to get in. Jessica quickly pulled out her Colt .357 revolver. “… I pointed my gun at him and told him to step away from my car or I would shoot him,” Grayson explained. The assailant immediately backed away from her vehicle and left. “You hear a lot of stories about guns being used in crime, but they prevent crime every day, too,” Grayson said. “What if I hadn’t had my gun that day?” (The Advertiser-Gleam, Danville, AL, 6/28/13)

A woman and her son were driving around 11:30 a.m. when a vehicle cut them off and abruptly stopped in front of them. A man exited the vehicle, pulled the woman from her vehicle and held a knife to her throat. When the woman’s son got out of the car to confront his mother’s attacker, he was reportedly punched in the face. A passerby witnessed the attack and stopped to intervene with his .40-cal. handgun. When the suspect saw the firearm, he quickly returned to his vehicle and drove off. The good Samaritan who had stopped to help was able to get thesuspect’s license plate number, which later resulted in the attacker’s arrest. He was charged with assault and battery of a high and aggravated nature and assault and third degree battery. (WISTV.com, Richland County, SC, 6/5/13)

Heather Thompson, 22, had a restraining order against her former boyfriend when he entered her home with a knife and began stabbing her. Michael White, 24, Thompson’s current boyfriend, witnessed the attack and fired his rifle twice. The ex-boyfriend was taken to the hospital, but later died of his injuries. Thompson, who is pregnant, was taken to the hospital as well and treated for multiple stab wounds. She is expected to recover. There were two children in the home at the time of the attack, but no other injuries were reported. (The Post Star, Danby, VT, 6/18/13)

After a day’s work at First National Bank, a woman found herself at gunpoint in her own home. Her husband was being held by the two intruders as well. The assailants abducted the couple and forced them to drive back to the bank and take an undisclosed amount of money, then ordered them to continue driving. It was then that the husband grabbed a gun kept in the vehicle and fired at the suspects before calling 911. Police arrived to find both suspects lying on the ground near the vehicle suffering from gunshot wounds. They were taken to the hospital where one suspect was pronounced dead. (Times Record News, Houston, TX, 8/4/13)

The tables were turned on a teen playing “Point ‘em Out, Knock ‘em Out,” a “game” of brutal street violence in which a target is chosen at random and beaten in an attempt to knock them out; a recent crime trend among troubled juveniles. A 17-year-old carrying a stun gun approached his 28-year-old victim, who was waiting for his daughter at her school bus stop. When the assailant turned and pressed the stun gun against his intended victim’s side, it failed to discharge. The man responded by pulling out his .40-cal. Smith & Wesson and firing. The teen was later taken to the hospital and treated for a single gunshot wound before facing charges. The intended victim was not harmed during the attack. (The Muskegon Chronicle, Lansing, MI, 8/28/13)

An elderly resident of St. Clair County, Ill. was inside his home when he heard the sound of breaking glass. The homeowner called police, retrieved a pistol and went to investigate. Upon discovering the intruder, the homeowner shot the criminal once. The intruder fled, but collapsed and died in the home’s driveway. (The St. Louis Post-Dispatch, St. Louis, Mo. 05/08/14, KTVI, St. Louis, Mo. 05/08/14)

A recently widowed woman was home alone in Phoenix, Ariz. when a man broke into her house through a back door. Once inside, the criminal attacked the woman with that may have been a garden tool. The woman responded by retrieving a gun and shooting the home invader, ending the attack.
Following the incident, Phoenix Police Spokesman Tommy Thompson told a local news outlet, “"I would say that anytime someone is in your house, they've assaulted you, broken into your house, and assaulted you, you would say she appears to have been in the right at this point.” (KSAZ, Phoenix, Ariz. 05/06/14)

Paris Ainsworth had just arrived at her Detroit, Mich. home after working two shifts, when she spotted two men approach. Ainsworth retrieved a .45 caliber pistol and put it into her pocket. One of the men said to Ainsworth, “Don’t pull it,” and fired at the grandmother, striking her three times. Ainsworth responded by drawing her pistol and firing at the men, striking at least one. The men were captured while seeking medical attention at a local hospital. Ainsworth’s also received medical attention and has been released from the hospital. Following the incident, Ainsworth told a local media outlet, “If I wouldn’t have had my gun I would be dead today.” (WDIV, Detroit, Mich. 05/06/14)

Barbara Haley was at home in Omaha, Neb. when she was awakened by her dog barking. Suspicious, Haley retrieved a .45-caliber pistol and went to investigate. Initially, Haley didn’t find anyone in the home and went back to bed. However, another noise roused Haley again, at which point she discovered an intruder in a bedroom closet. Haley ordered the man to stay still and held him at gunpoint in the closet until police arrived.
Following the incident, Haley told a local media outlet, “I’m glad I had that gun… And I’m thinking they (burglars) won’t try this again anytime soon.” (The Omaha World-Herald, Omaha, Neb. 09/02/14)

89-Year-old Arthur Lewis was working at his store, the Jewelry Exchange, in Palm Beach County, Fla. when a man entered the shop and pretended to need his watch fixed. The man then drew a gun and attempted to rob Lewis. Lewis responded to the threat by grasping the criminal’s firearm and drawing a pistol. After a physical altercation, Lewis shot the robber, which prompted the thief to flee. Police caught up with the robber when his getaway driver sought police assistance for the wounded criminal.
The armed robber targeted the wrong person. Lewis is a veteran of World War II, and previously defended himself against an attempted armed robbery in 2010. (The Palm Beach Post, Palm Beach, Fla. 08/25/14)

A man was asleep at home in Albuquerque, N.M. when a trio of armed robbers attempted to gain entry to the residence by claiming that they were police. The criminals ultimately broke down the door and got inside the home. The resident responded by retrieving a gun and firing at the home invaders, striking and killing one, and wounding another. The surviving intruders fled the home, but were later captured by police.
The surviving home invaders have been charged with the murder of their accomplice. Albequerque Police Department Public Information Officer Tanner Tixier shared some advice for would be intruders with local media outlet KRQE, stating, “What people need to understand is if you join your buddy to go commit a felony and your buddy dies you can be the one who gets charged with murder.” (KRQE, Albuquerque, N.M. 08/20/14)

A man approached a woman in her vehicle in Phoenix, Ariz. and asked if he could use her phone. When the woman refused, the man dragged her from the vehicle. A woman who lives nearby noticed the situation and went to investigate. While the neighbor was near the car, the carjacker accelerated, injuring her. The neighbor’s husband responded by firing at the carjacker, striking him.
The wounded carjacker fled the scene, but was captured a short time late, after he crashed the stolen vehicle. The carjacker died after being taken to a hospital. (KTVK, Phoenix, Ariz. 08/15/14)

Four men, at least some of whom were armed with guns, broke into an apartment in Garland, Texas. The resident responded by retrieving a gun and firing at the criminals, striking and killing one, and causing the rest to flee.
Police suspect the deceased intruder also recently robbed a nearby convenience store. (KDFW, Dallas, Texas, 08/08/14)

80-year-old NJ Logan was recovering from hip surgery at home in Holmes Beach, Fla. when she became aware of an intrusion. Logan responded by retrieving a revolver, calling 9-1-1, and warning the intruder. According to Logan, while on the phone with police, she was told to “put the gun down,” to which she replied, “I’ll put the gun down when I see the police.” The intruder left the home without a direct confrontation.
Following the incident, Logan told a local media outlet, “I believe in guns inside your house, because I don't think anybody has the right to break into your private domain. I'll definitely have the gun up there that is for sure.” (WTVT, Tampa Bay, Fla. 08/01/14)

A psychiatric patient armed with a revolver and several rounds of ammunition entered Mercy Fitzgerald Hospital in Darby, Pa. for a scheduled appointment. The patient then proceeded to fire upon hospital staff, killing one woman and wounding Dr. Lee Silverman. Silverman responded to the rampage by retrieving a pistol and firing at the patient. Three of Silverman’s shot struck the patient which allowed for other hospital employees to detain the killer.
Following the incident, Silverman has been hailed as a hero. Delaware County District Attorney Jack Whelan stated, “If Dr. Silverman did not have the firearm and did not utilize the firearm, he’s be dead today… and other people would be dead.” (The Philadelphia Inquirer, Philadelphia, Pa. 07/27/14)

Victoria Davison had just parked her vehicle in Milwaukee, Wisc. when a pair of criminals approached and ordered her to hand over her car keys. Then one of the men said, “Go get the cannon,” which prompted Davison to act. Fearing for her life, Davison, a Right-to-Carry permit holder, retrieved a gun and fired at the criminals, striking one of the robbers. Police eventually captured both of the criminals, whom they believe are linked to other crimes in the area. (The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, Milwaukee, Wisc. 07/12/14)

64-year-old Donald Sacco was waiting at a bus stop in Orlando, Fla. when a man armed with a knife approached, attempted to steal Sacco’s property, and began stabbing him. A passerby in a vehicle spotted the attack, retrieved a gun, and rushed to Sacco’s aid. The armed citizen ordered the criminal to halt his attack and held him at gunpoint until police could arrive. A former paramedic was also on the scene and rushed to help Sacco, who is reportedly in stable condition. Local media are referring to the passersby as “good Samaritans.” (MyFOXOrlando, Orlando, Fla. 07/16/14, The Orlando Sentinel, Orlando, Fla. 07/16/14)

More true self defense articles to come:        

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